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When we stop to think about how important our eyes are to daily functions in our own lives, it's no wonder we have doctors special trained to examine this vital part of the body's machinery. Of course we all use our eyes to see, but they are so much more than that. They process information and the world around us from a mass of crazy electrical impulses to understandable images which we can then base decisions on. Perhaps some of the most important ways our eyes help us naturally are:
Understanding of course that students without sight can also develop a keen sense of learning, for mainstream education perhaps no other sense plays such a vital part in processing knowledge. From the time we are quite small we learn to mimic the actions of others around us by watching. It is how we learn to eat, reach out, and begin to dress ourselves. It is extremely important in the classroom as many people can understand seeing something visually whereas a spoken description is just not the same. An undetected ocular problem in a child can create an environment which fosters frustration and even hostility towards learning.
Much like learning, no other sense can come close when it comes down to protecting us. Our eyes take in the world around us an warn us when we are about to walk out into the street, when someone might be following us home, even something as simple as keeping our hand away from sharp objects or open flames is far more difficult without the gift of sight.
We've all heard the old expression "see it in your eyes” when it comes to love, fear and everything in between. Our eyes have the ability to communicate with others when verbal conversation is either inaccessible, or even undesirable. With a motion of the eyes you can direct a person to a particular spot, warn them away from danger, or convey a message of personal feeling, all without uttering a word.
When we dream we are recycling things which we have seen before and also creating them into new wonders. Our eyes clearly play an important role in our imagination being able to create a tree, bird, castle, or future device. The gift of sight informs us of what is, and then allows our mind to wander into the territory of what could be.
Proper care for your eyes is extremely important for preventative maintenance. Taking care to wash the area around them with a mild cleanser can help keep harmful bacteria from reaching them, as does washing your hands before wiping your eyes. Outside, the sun's rays are becoming more intense, which can affect your ocular tissue as well as your skin. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat or UV protection sunglasses can greatly reduce risk to your corneas as well as pain to sensitive eyes. Visit a local optometrist today and take the necessary steps to continuing seeing your future bright and clear!